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2 min readJan 9, 2022

SmaugsLauncher New System — METAP Private Sale

What is METAP token?
»MetapPlay: It is the most revolutionary and advanced version of the playable (Metaverse) system based entirely on artificial intelligence and a 100% artificial intelligence project that will bring a big change on both Mobile and PC.

4th ido of the platform will be the METAPPLAY Project:
Total Supply: 100.000.000
METAP Private Sale price: 0.10$
Vesting for Private Sale: 10% TGE, 9 months linear
Pancakeswap listing price: $0.16

No registration or deposit will be required to participate in the METAP private sale via SmaugsLauncher. KYC is required. Those who have done KYC for SmaugsLauncher before, do not need to do it again.

Sales Rounds Start Times:
Staking Round — 11 January 14:00 UTC
Whitelist Round — 15 January 14:00 UTC
FCFS Round — 16 January 14:00 UTC

Allocations for METAP Private Sale:
Smaugs — 20x — 2000$ Allocation
Ancalagon — 10x — $1000 Allocation
Scatha — 4x — 400$ Allocation
Drake — 1x — $100 Allocation
Whitelist — $50 Allocation
FCFS — $25 Allocation

Dragon Collection Nft holders will be whitelisted. We will announce snapshot time.

New Stake System Rules

  • The 20-day pool emergency unstake fee is 15%.
  • The 45-day pool emergency unstake fee is 25%.
  • If you harvest the accumulated rewards, your lock time will start over.
  • If you add to your stake, your lock time will start over.
  • Minimum stake: 4000 SMG for 20-Day Staking Pool
  • Minimum stake: 2084 SMG for 45-Day Staking Pool
    You can join the ido by staking. You can see which pool you can purchase from by typing the number of Smg you have staked on the Allocation tab on the site.

You have to buy 15% of your allocation on sales..

Access Smaugs Launchpad 👉 LINK

Click My Allocation button

Calculate your allocation pool based on your stake balance.

For METAP Whitepaper, Tokenomics information and your questions;
Website: 👉 LINK
Telegram Global Group: 👉 LINK
Telegram En Group: https: 👉 LINK



Smaugs ($SMG)

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