Smaugs Battle — Mobile Game — Play to Earn

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  • Smaugs battle game is a PVP game.
  • For each game, players must pay 5 SMG.
  • Minimum deposit 200 SMG
    Minimum withdrawal 1500 SMG
  • Player that wins the game will win 2.5 SMG. The losing side will not gain any amount but will lose 2.5 SMG. The other 2.5 SMG will be stay on the loser side.
  • The game is a mobile game and Android only.
    It is available for phones with version 4.4 and above.
  • Each side will have 3 towers and the first to destroy the towers will win the game.
  • Although the google play store date of the game is not clear, it is planned to be published on August 30 and later.

Users can search for games by choosing different servers online.

Battle Deck

Before the battle, you can make changes in the game by choosing a hero from the battle deck.

Seeking Opponent Screen

After choosing the server option, you can start the battle by looking for an opponent and earn SMG.

The game will be active on google play store after 30 August.

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